Can I request a bygdebok through ILL?

No. We do not loan out materials from Special Collections. We can provide information from specific books on request.

Have these books been digitized? I only see information about the book, not its content.

Copyright law prevents us from digitizing the books. Some Norwegian publishers have provided free access to digital bygdebøker, but most are only available in print. We can copy short passages on request for researchers. Copying larger portions or entire books requires permission from the publisher.

Can I visit Special Collections to use the bygdebok collection?

Yes, our department is open to interested persons regardless of affiliation.

I cannot travel to Grand Forks. Can I still get information from the bygdebøker?

Yes, we offer a research service for those who cannot travel to Grand Forks. The service includes: one hour of research time by Special Collections Staff. The service costs $30.00, payable by invoice. Research time is capped at one hour due to other responsibilities.

I cannot read Norwegian. Do you provide translation assistance?

No, we do not provide language translation services. The Norwegian Genealogical Word List translates many common genealogical terms from bygdebøker, and these are often enough to understand the information.