Advanced Introduction

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Upon completion of this tutorial, you will know how to do the following things at the Chester Fritz Library (CFL).

  • Find a book
  • Find an article
  • Access a specific database
  • Find a specific article
  • Find a specific journal
  • Request an item via Interlibrary Loan
  • Get help

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CFL Catalog

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You can find everything, books, articles, and journals, by searching Primo on the library homepage.

(Click the underlined words to learn more!)

Each tab will assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.

  • Everything Tab
  • Articles Tab
  • Books+ Tab
  • Journal Titles Tab

CFL Catalog

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Lets find a book about fake news! (Using Boolean Logic)

Click the Books+ tab, then enter into the search box: (facts OR news) AND (lies OR fake OR doubt*).  Click Go (or hit enter).

Using "synonyms" with "OR" will expand the results, so (facts OR news) will find more than news alone.

"AND"ing additional concepts will narrow to relevant results.

Use "synonyms" for the second concept: (lies OR fake OR doubt*).

In some databases, "OR" and "AND" must be capitalized for Boolean searching.

Notice the asterisk * after doubt.  Add an asterisk to select variant endings, such as doubt, doubts, and doubtful.

You can "NOT" out information, but use care, because "NOT" might also delete useful citations!

CFL Catalog

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From the results page you can do a number of things.

  • View the entire book or item record by clicking on the title.
  • Check the book or item's availability (Look for the green circle).
  • Identify what type of item it is by the icon next to the title (Video CD or DVD, Audio book CD, Book, etc.).
  • Call Number - The Library of Congress (LC) call number will tell you exactly where in the library to find the book.
  • Refine your search results by clicking as many of the filters as you like on the left hand side of the results page.

CFL Catalog

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Refine those results!

On the left hand side of the results page under Resource Type click "Books". This will exclude anything on your search results page that is not a book (i.e. DVDs, etc.).

By using these facets / filters, you are able to narrow the search results to find exactly what you're looking for, such as the book, Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming, by Oreskes & Conway.

(These search result filters can be utilized on any of your Primo searches.)

CFL Catalog

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Click on the book Merchants of Doubt by Oreskes & Conway. 

Then Click on Actions (on the right hand side of the screen) to find all of the actions you might do with this citation, such as:

  • Add to e-Shelf
  • E-mail
  • Print
  • Permalink
  • Citation
  • RefWorks
(Remember to click the underlined words to learn more!)
On-campus students: Find a book by the call number in the library shelves.

Distance students: Order a paper book via interlibrary loan.

CFL Catalog

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The Primo search box on the library's homepage has several tabs. What does the "Everything" tab search when utilized?

CFL Catalog

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Select which filter(s) you can refine your search results by:


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Article Searching!

Now lets use the Primo search box to find some articles.

Click the Articles tab and let's search for: "Merchants of Doubt" to find book reviews or find the scholarly conversation surrounding that book.

Placing quote marks " " around words will narrow the search so those words will be next to one another.


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Again, refine those results!

There are a few things to consider when deciding which facets or filters to apply in order to narrow your search.

  • Do you need scholarly articles?
  • What type of resource are you looking for?
  • Do your resources have to be recently published?

(Remember to click the underlined sentence to learn more!)


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Let's make sure to click on "Peer Reviewed" to find only those scholarly articles that have been reviewed by peers in the field.

Then let's find:

Article Title: Defeating the Merchants of Doubt

Authors: Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway

To access the article, click the green Full text available link.

On the next page (known as the SFX page), you will find a list of databases where this article can be found.  Click EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier.

If off-campus, you will be asked for a UND username & password at the point of entering a database. 

Entry to the database will allow access to the PDF or HTML of the article.  Look for the the Adobe Acrobat PDF icon to access the full text of the article.


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Quick Links

You can also find articles by going directly to the database itself.

To find a list of our databases, go back to the library homepage. (Click here to return to the Library Homepage.)

Click the orange Quick Links banner in the upper right hand corner of the Primo search box.

Databases are listed alphabetically by name.  Scroll down the list to find a database or type the name in the search window at the top of the screen.  Place your cursor in the search box and begin to type Academic Search Premier.  Although databases may not open from Quick Links within this tutorial, normally you can click the name of the database to access it.  Academic Search Premier works similar to Primo.  You can refine searches on the left, then click on citations and find Tools on the right.

Databases, such as SCOPUS & Google Scholar, provide "Cited by" references.  

The Dissertations & Theses Database will be helpful for graduate degrees.

(Remember to click the underlined words to learn more!)


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Research Guides

To find advanced materials in your field, you must visit our subject Research Guides. (Click here to return to the Library Homepage.)

Under the Research heading, look for the Research Guides link and click it.

Use the Guides by Subject tab to help you find the appropriate guide for your class or subject. Then look for the Databases, Journals, or Articles tab to find Databases that are useful for finding articles in your subject area.

Research Guides are also a great place to start your research or learn how to do things like utilize RefWorks, find government documents, and learn more about Distance Services & Scholarly Communication.

(Remember to click the underlined words to learn more!)


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Finding a specific Article or Journal Title

Now, lets say your professor has provided you with an article citation. You need to find the article and read it for class.

Peeters, P, Higham, J., Kutzner, D., Cohen, S., & Gossling, S. (2016, May). Are technology myths stalling aviation climate policy? Transportation Research Part D, 44, 30-42.

A quick way to find this would be to enter the title of the article in the Articles tab of the Primo Search box on the library homepage.  (Click here to return to the Library Homepage.)

Another way is to enter the journal title in the Journal Titles Tab of the Primo Search Box and hit enter. Then select one of the Full Text databases listed to access the journal.

"Not available online" will appear under the Full Text heading on the SFX page if we do not have access to the journal title via our database subscriptions. 


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How do you access the databases that the Chester Fritz Library subscribes to?


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What are the CFL's Research Guides (also known as LibGuides) good for?


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What is the easiest way to see if the CFL subscribes to a specific journal title?

Tools and Services

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Account - Renewing Items

Start at the Library Homepage.  Under the orange Quicklinks banner, click the Sign In link. Enter your user name and password to access your account. Once logged in, you will be taken to the Loans page on the My Accounts tab. On this page you can:

  • see when your items are due back to the library
  • renew your items by clicking the box next to the item and then clicking the renew selected link
  • review the items you have checked out in the past or your list of historic loans

Tools and Services

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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Are you doing research and find that the CFL doesn't have the book or article you need? Then you will want to consider Interlibrary Loaning the item.

To learn all about the ILL process click here and register for ILL services now so you're ready to submit an ILL request when the need arises.

Tools and Services

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 Getting Help

How do you get help?

Ask your Subject Librarian.


Look for the Ask a Librarian! button in the bottom right hand corner of any Library webpage. Click the button and you'll have direct access to a CFL Reference Librarian who can assist you.




Stop by the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the CFL.

Or visit our ask a librarian webpage!

Tools and Services

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Can you renew items borrowed from the CFL online?

Tools and Services

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In what ways can you contact Reference Librarians for help?


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