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Centennial Decade Trees Commission Records, 1988-1995

Collection Overview

Title: Centennial Decade Trees Commission Records, 1988-1995

ID: OGLMC/1279

Creator: Centennial Decade Trees Commission

Extent: 1.25 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 01/24/1994

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Centennial Decade Trees Commission Records date from 1988-1995.

The introductory material contains documents pertaining to the startup of the organization including a resolution to create the Centennial Decade Trees Commission, administrative rules, and a timeline from June 1993 until February 1994.

Membership documents include committee membership from 1990 until 1995 along with portfolios of individual members. Also, included are Suezette Bieri's membership documents from 1992 until 1995.

Meeting minutes date from 1990 until 1995.

Correspondence consists of letters and memos between committee members and other people from 1988 until 1995.

Included in the financial section are budget materials, revenue and expenditures, and centennial trees trust fund from 1983-2000. America the Beautiful community challenge grant program was sponsored by CDTC and is included with the financial documents.

Publications by the CDTC date from 1990-1994 include The Trees Tradition, a newsletter with news and information about CDTC. Also included are news releases and tree event proclamations made by Centennial Trees Commission.

The Prairie Forester, Committee Review, and other miscellaneous publications are included in publications by other organizations from 1989-1995 regarding the Centennial Decade Trees Commission. The Prairie Forester and Committee Review are newsletters sent out by the Soil Conservation. The Prairie Forester is for the citizens of the state and Committee Review is for the Soil Conservation supervisors.

Advertising documents include papers that pertain to people using the CDTC logo and also advertising and marketing documents from 1990-1992.

Reports date from 1991 until 1995.

Legislative documents contain bills pertaining to the Centennial Trees Commission from 1994-1995.

The programs and projects section include documents about the North Dakota Centennial Decade Windbreak Program, the Capitol Grounds project and the Red River Basin demonstration project.

Award and recognition ceremonies include nomination forms and award recipients presented by the Centennial Trees Commission. Also, included is the centennial trees bowl information.

There are the annual tree planting goals, the North Dakota register of champion trees and also a tree events calendar are included in the documents pertaining to the trees in the state from 1990-1993.

Included in the community documents from 1991-1992 is a tree planting survey and a resolution by the city of Conway.

The teaching information folders include workshops from 1990-1993, Arbor Day information from 1990-1991, and an educational enrichment information packet from 1992-1993.

Administrative Information

Accruals: Additional material was donated by Suezette Bieri on August 28, 1995 (Acc. #95-2042)

Access Restrictions: Open for inspection under the rules and regulations of the Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections.

Acquisition Source: Suezette Bieri, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Acquisition Method: Donation; Acc.#94-1933

Preferred Citation: (Description of Item). Centennial Decade Trees Commission Records. OGLMC 1279. Box #, Folder #. Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections. Chester Fritz Library. University of North Dakota.

Finding Aid Revision History: Finding aid migrated to Archon in August 2012.

Other URL: http://library.und.edu/holdings.php?id=ODIN_ALEPH006996164

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1Add to your cart.
Section 1: IntroductionAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Resolution to create centennial decade trees commissionAdd to your cart.
Folder 2: Article 16.5-04Add to your cart.
Folder 3: Administrative rulesAdd to your cart.
Folder 4: Century code for centennial decade trees commission, 11/13/90Add to your cart.
Folder 5: Chart of programs, 1993-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Timeline, 7/93-2/94Add to your cart.
Section 2: MembershipAdd to your cart.
Folder 7: Committee membership, 1990-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 8: Committee portfolios, 1990-1993Add to your cart.
Folder 9: Community volunteers coordinator job position for CDTC, 1991-1993Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Suezette Bieri membership documents, 1992-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 11: Planning events for trees (PETs) committee membersAdd to your cart.
Section 3: Meeting MinutesAdd to your cart.
Folder 12: Meeting agendas and minutes, 1990-1995Add to your cart.
Section 4: CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Folder 13: Correspondence, 1988-1995Add to your cart.
Section 5: FinancialAdd to your cart.
Folder 14: Budget materials, 1990-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 15: Revenue and expenditures for CDTC, 1983-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 16: General ledger trial balance, 3/91-10/91Add to your cart.
Folder 17: Cash flow projections, 1992-2000Add to your cart.
Folder 18: Certificate of deposits, 1991-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 19: Salary History, March 8, 1994Add to your cart.
Folder 20: Centennial decade trees trust fund, 1989-1991Add to your cart.
Folder 21: Donation to community forestry conference, March 21, 1992Add to your cart.
Folder 22: Centennial decade trees heritage foundation, November 21, 1994Add to your cart.
Folder 23: Miscellaneous financial papers, 1990-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 24: America the beautiful community challenge grant program, 1994Add to your cart.
Folder 25: Income tax deduction information, 1990-1992Add to your cart.
Section 6: Publications by Centennial Decade Trees CommissionAdd to your cart.
Folder 26: The Trees Tradition, Spring 1990-Spring 1992Add to your cart.
Folder 27: Brochures about CDTC or made by CDTCAdd to your cart.
Folder 28: News releases, 1990-1994Add to your cart.
Folder 29: Tree event proclamations, 1991Add to your cart.
Section 7: Publications by other organizations regarding CDTCAdd to your cart.
Folder 30: The Prairie Forester, March 1991-April 1995Add to your cart.
Folder 31: Committee Review, Jan/Feb 1991-April 1995Add to your cart.
Folder 32: Miscellaneous publications, 1989-1993Add to your cart.
Section 8: Advertising DocumentsAdd to your cart.
Folder 33: Documents pertaining to using the CDTC logo, 1992-1992Add to your cart.
Folder 34: Advertising and marketing, 1990-1991Add to your cart.
Section 9: ReportsAdd to your cart.
Folder 35: Reports, 1991-1995Add to your cart.
Section 10: Legislative MaterialAdd to your cart.
Folder 36: Legislative material, 1994-1995Add to your cart.
Section 11: Programs and ProjectsAdd to your cart.
Folder 37: North Dakota centennial decade windbreak program-inter-agency, 1992Add to your cart.
Folder 38: Capitol grounds project, 1991Add to your cart.
Folder 39: Red River Basin demonstration project, October 1993Add to your cart.
Folder 40: Boy and Girl Scout badge program for CDTC, 1990-1991Add to your cart.
Section 12: Awards and Recognition CeremoniesAdd to your cart.
Folder 41: Award & recognition ceremonies CDTC participated in, 1990-1992Add to your cart.
Folder 42: Nomination forms & award recipients, 1993-1995Add to your cart.
Folder 43: Centennial Tress Bowl, 1990-1992Add to your cart.
Section 13: Documents Pertaining to Trees in the StateAdd to your cart.
Folder 44: Annual tree planting goals, March 6, 1990Add to your cart.
Folder 45: Centennial tree gifts to ND & Trees across borders, 1992-1993Add to your cart.
Folder 46: ND register of champion trees, 1992Add to your cart.
Folder 47: ND's forestry family rosterAdd to your cart.
Folder 48: Tree events calendar, 1991-1992Add to your cart.
Section 14: Community DocumentsAdd to your cart.
Folder 49: Tree planting surveyAdd to your cart.
Folder 50: Community forestry progress chart, Spring 1992Add to your cart.
Folder 51: Resolution-city of Conway, April 16, 1991Add to your cart.
Section 15: Teaching InformationAdd to your cart.
Folder 52: Workshops, 1990-1993Add to your cart.
Folder 53: Seminar information, October 23, 1992Add to your cart.
Folder 54: Arbor Day Information, 1990-1991Add to your cart.
Folder 55: Teaching materials for Arbor day and Arbor month, 1990-1991Add to your cart.
Folder 56: Educational enrichment information packet, 1992-1993Add to your cart.